Loadparts Customization Options

Loadparts Customization Options

While building this software, Loadparts always kept in mind the need for a flexible program, this is why Loadparts is fully customizable. Another advantage, is the possibilty to request custom made Plug-Ins or Add-ons to better fit your company's particular needs.

Select website(s) to search from

A list of electronic web site is listed within Loadparts to give you the freedom to choose which search sites you want to include. All the web sites on the list are constantly updated to keep you up to date with the information available on their site(s). Also, website(s) are added to the list periodically.

VIEW / HIDE search progression

While performing a search with Loadparts, you can monitor the sites by pressing the "Details" button. This lets you see the progression of each download. In the event of an error, the name of the site which failed will be barred out (strike through) in the list to make you aware that you did not collect information from this particular website.

Retry attempts when website is down

Sometimes information gets lost in the Internet while searching, that's why we have added a useful feature that lets you try that same site again should it fail. You can even try the sites which fail up to 3 times per search , that way you maximize the information on your screen with only one search!

Reset, load and save the sorting order

To save you time, we have setup Loadparts to remember the last sort order you preferred. Whether your sorting is by company name or quantity, Loadparts will re-sort itself for every search it does with the previous ordering you selected so that you can focus on getting the parts.

Reset, load and save the column order

Some of you might be looking for quantities under 10 pieces while others are simply out to get datasheets. Whatever your reason is, Loadparts can accomodate you by putting the information you want to see first! choose any column and place it somewhere else, save you settings, and Loadparts will have your results shown to you just the way you like it!