Manage Searches and Results

Manage Searches & Results

With over 25 web sites to choose from, Loadparts allows you to select only the ones that you need to search. You also have the ability to store your search preferences for future use, as well as the option to change your search settings whenever you want.

Find the company that stocks the parts and compare vendor prices instantly

Once your search completed, a list of resellers and distributors (some franchised) that carry the electronic part which you are looking for will appear on the screen. To allow for an easier and more effective comparison, you can sort by part number, company name, price, quantity available. A good practice is to sort the results by quantity and call all the prospects with the same quantities. The best offer will most likely come from the actual stock holder rather than a middle man.

Send multiple request(s) for quote (RFQ)

Using Loadparts, you will be able to communicate directly by email to any of the distributors as if you were sending the email from your very own email account (up to 25 emails at a time). Any replies will be sent right back to your email address. You will also be provided with the company's telephone and fax number should you wish to call them instead.

Print Results

With thousands of part numbers to choose from, Loadparts lets you sort your results any way you want before printing. You can even select a few parts and have only your selection printed (leaving all check boxes empty will print the entire page)

Export Results

Loadparts gives you the ability to export as many results as you want so that you can import them into your company's management system or use it with Microsoft Excel©. (comma delimited file 'csv')