Loadparts Search Engine

Loadparts Search Engine

Searching through the internet for part numbers is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Many sites claim to have the parts in stock while they buy it for cheap from someone else, or even worse, no one else has the same part so you are forced to buy from one supplier at the seller's asking price. Loadparts helps you get out of sticky situations by giving you more distributors and resellers to call; names you might never even heard of.

More than 40 search engines from the electronic component industry

in this Industry, more is better. using Loadparts, you have many sites to choose from, giving you more distributord and resellers to contact thus allowing for you to get a better deal on your purchase.

Access datasheets along with your searches

While you search for the components you need, Loadparts will also retrieve any relevant information it can from the web sites; therefore bringing you back the datasheet about your part number.

Website(s) added to search on a regular basis

We strongly encourage our members to suggest web sites that they would like to see added to Loadparts. This can be done at no extra cost, just by being a member you have the priviliege to ask for additional Site(s) for free. This allows you to benefit from the site as well as all our other members. Our aim is to cover as much of the web for you as we can.

If you would like to add a site to Loadparts, however you wish to keep the site confidential, we can provide that service at an extra cost. We do not reveal site(s) that are custom built although we will allows other members to use the site if they already knows it exists and wish to have it added to their license. Please contact us for more information.

Web page preview (where available)

The web page preview lets you see what the resulting page looks like on the other end. When you search using Loadparts, all the results show up in a Grid; by clicking the part number you can open a new window to the result page of the site you selected (Franchised Sites coming soon.)